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Here’s to Robin!

Here’s to Robin!

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Take mother fucking note.

Ugh. This so fits after a dumbass conversation that took place in my office this morning after about 3 racial slurs and some shitty comments.

Dude I work with: Big girls shouldn’t wear spandex or bikinis

Me: I say if there’s not a dress code, you should be able to wear whatever you want to wear. Go for it if it makes you feel good.

Dude: No. That’s like saying everyone can just rip farts and stink up wherever they go.

Me: that’s entirely different.

Dude: No it’s not! I shouldn’t have to look at that!

You can choose not to look at someone. I believe in being kind to people no matter what they are wearing. You have NO idea what people are going through and why they make the choices they do. Shut your fucking mouth and gain some tolerance.

Pardon the less-than-tactful language but all of my exes can go fuck themselves. I don’t get it. Why is it that when I’m in a good place in my life, my exes want to try to start some BS? It’s like… No I don’t want to be “friends with benefits” and no I don’t want you to take me to dinner after you broke up with me 3 years ago by just MOVING 450 miles away without telling me. I don’t believe you when you say you love me and you made a mistake… Like… These are two guys in the past two weeks who have tried to “lure” me back in with these absurd devaluing offers. I deserve better, dammit. I’m just happy that my friends remain positive and know I don’t eat processed crap.

This is the face of a girl whose dog did not let her sleep last night because of stormy weather. #tired #bagsundertheeyes #darkcircles #thestruggleisreal #dogpeopleproblems #thisiswhyicouldnthandleparenthood

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